The combination of our ‘GRC in 5 Steps’ Thinking with the interactive cloud based Obashi Platform provides a unique framework that crystallises how an organisation’s people, processes and technology interact by providing:

  • A framework to document and model how people, process and technology interact – through our Business & IT Diagrams
  • A single source of truth across the organisation
  • Dynamic reporting across People, Process and Technology
  • Understanding of potential disruption and highlight key risks
  • Alignment of leadership and organisational expectations around change program’s, their strategic importance and deliverable
  • Better Facilitation of continuity and delivery of change outcomes
  • Clarification of any False Consensus/Misalignment amongst leadership
  • Clear understanding of Ownership and Role clarity required to succeed
  • Improved integrated bottom up and top down support over time
  • Reduced Apathy/Frustration and organisation wide disruption
  • Mitigation of potential of delayed targets due to poor preparation and assumptions

Please watch the video below it’s less than 2 minutes.

For More information on Obashi please contact Steve Simmonds at

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