Our Philosophy

Our experience is that a business strategy can only be as good as the established business system; or more specifically the combination of the people, the processes and the technology employed by the business.


People are the backbone of any business. People are the drivers of business processes, and the ones most likely to recognise the need for change within processes.


For business processes to be effective they must be properly aligned with the roles and responsibilities of people and the necessary technology. Only then can management make informed business decisions based on reliable information.


We understand how management software solutions, integrated with the right processes and aligned with the roles and responsibilities of people enable businesses to manage big data and ultimately invent their future. We are technology independent; as we recommend fit for purpose technological solutions available from our associates.


Our Core Values

Customer Care

We are endlessly concerned with our customers’ needs and perceptions. We aspire to build lasting relationships. We want our customers to want to deal with us.


We do what we say we will do. We hold ourselves accountable for our work, our behavior, our ethics and our actions. We aim to deliver real value to all clients.


We believe in the importance and power of synergistic systems, teamwork and partnerships in enabling business efficiency and sustainable success.


We are self-starters and masters of our industry who always strive to go above and beyond. We are inspired by excellence in everything we do.


We love what we do. We are passionate about our work and aim to promote a positive and energizing environment. Our reputation relies on the advocacy of all.


The Team

Steve Simmonds


Steve Simmonds

Linkedin:  https://za.linkedin.com/in/stephen-simmonds-ambci-311618

Steve originally qualified in the UK as a Quality Engineer where he gained work experience in the Aeronautics and Automotive industries. Upon relocating to South Africa employed in the Quality profession he later formed a SHEQ Management Consulting Company, which he managed for 15 years prior to joining IsoMetrix in 2008 as Executive Head of Business Development. Steve left Metrix during 2017 to start SynergyGRC where he is a Co-Founder. As a subject matter expert his passion for Integrated Management Systems has led him to obtain a number of GRC professional qualifications over the years. Steve is an Associate Member of the Business Continuity Institute and a Senior Member of the South African Society for Quality.

Hayden Green

Hayden advises in the Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) management system arena, specializing in Environment and Social Governance (ESG). He guides business leadership in the journey from to strategy to adopting a management process and system, through to system implementation. His professional focus areas are integrated management and integrated systems. He uses this experience to linking people, business activities and processes with the appropriate technology. Hayden assists businesses create value for all its stakeholders, improving lives, protecting the environment, whilst generating sustainable profits.